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Statistics in Oklahoma and America


Families Feeding Families defines hunger as the inability to purchase enough food to meet basic nutritional needs. Hunger does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, or sex. It affects the elderly, the unemployed, the disabled, the homeless, the working poor and victims of natural disaster. 

 Won’t you join us in meeting the needs
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Oklahoma Hunger Statistics

Hunger is a sad and unfortunate reality for thousands of families and individuals. 


For the school year 2005-2006 statistics regarding the National Free and Reduced Lunch program are as follows:


  • The national average of children participating in the Free & Reduced Lunch program was 43.2% of the children.
  • The percentage of Oklahoma children participating in the Free & Reduced Lunch program was 54% of the children.
  • 82% of the children in the Durant school system participated in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program while Bryan County overall had 76% of child participation.


One in five children in Oklahoma is at risk going to bed hungry.


In the District of Bryan County alone, our poverty rate is 21%.  This is 6% above the Oklahoma state poverty rate of 15%.


In the state of Oklahoma, our elderly poverty rate is 13%, with the national average being 10%.


Among client households with children, 49% are single-parent households and 51% are two-parent households.


63% of adult clients skip meals because there is not enough money for food.


According to the latest data from the Food Research and Action Center, Oklahoma ranks ninth in the country for having hungry or food insecure citizens, with 15% of households suffering from some level of food insecurity.   Food insecurity means that a family cannot afford nutritious foods or cannot afford even enough food to ward off hunger.


Let the hungry children

be your inspiration.